3D Tiles - Esagono Emerald Green


"The figures seem to lift off the surface and float into space" Lucio Fontana. The brilliance and deph of colour is obtained only by the traditional double-firing process, using a large amount of glaze with "Campana Glazing"process which is no longer used in todays mass produced tiles.Due to the production techinques and hand glazing, variations in shade are normal and are considered as value-added variations and not as defects. The depth of glaze that also produces the crackle effect, can also produce pitting, crazing, dotting and different tones. These are also not considered defects and are due to the old fashioned production process. We have brought in the Emerald Green Glaze but there are 18 different colours available on special order. Once these tiles have been grouted and cleaned, it is recommended that they be sealed.Please Note: Harsh or acidic cleaners should never be used on these tiles. They are a fantastic tile and need to be seen to appreciate there beauty.